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Seven Chakras

Seven Chakras (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am very short on time today, but stumbled upon this blog post by Sadhguru J. Vasudev, a contemporary mystic and one of India’s top 50 most influential people. If you want some more insight into chakras and their influence over your health, read this, it is great. Personally I would say today I am dominated by Mooladhara with a splash of Swadhisthana thrown in to boot.

I joke, and then I don’t. Read this if you would like some more insight into chakras, and in later posts I will go into more detail about their connection to food and your health. Have a great Thursday!

The 7 Chakras and Their Significance to Your Life

Juicy Skin

English: A photomicrograph of Clostridium botu...

English: A photomicrograph of Clostridium botulinum bacteria. This is a photomicrograph of Clostridium botulinum stained with Gentian violet. The bacterium C. botulinum produces a nerve toxin, which causes the rare, but serious paralytic illness Botulism. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a girl and therefore preoccupied with skincare. Maybe not all girls are the same, but I can say categorically most girls are preoccupied with skincare. Sadly, we live in a society that highly values youth and good looks and devalues aging, wrinkles, and any signs of impending death of any form. On top of everything, I am Asian, and we are perhaps the worst when it comes to our preoccupation. We (well, I will say they on this one because I do not do this) drive around in our cars wearing strange UV face masks that resemble welders helmets. We always always wear hats and believe the bigger the brim the better. We slather ourselves in sunblock and run like crazed vampires from the slightest hint of sun hitting our precious skin, lest it burns us alive. Continue reading

Random Food Fact #2

The crust of brioche bread is golden-brown due...

The crust of brioche bread is golden-brown due to the Maillard reaction (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maillard reaction vs. Enzymatic Browning

What the heck? There’s two types of browning in cooking, and both involve proteins. But what is the diff? Isn’t browning browning? No. There is a distinct difference between the two.

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This picture depicts the seven major Chakras w...

This picture depicts the seven major Chakras with descriptions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I am going to talk a bit about chakras. Even if you already know what they are, this may prove to be an engaging read. If you do not know already what they are, read on, it’s fascinating, at least to me. I became interested in chakras and started to research a bit more about them when I read the book Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing, by Caroline Myss. Caroline Myss is what is known as a medical intuitive, which means she can basically look at someone and discover their ailment, just by examining their energy. In the book she claims to be provably right about 95% of the time, and that doctors will send her very extreme cases that they cannot diagnose, and she will most often come up with the correct diagnosis that the doctors could not find. Continue reading


My #30 day challenge green juice recipe: What ...

(Photo credit: pics)

Recently, I watched the documentary Hungry for Change. It was good, but nothing I didn’t really already know: don’t eat stuff from the middle of the aisles, processed food is bad, watch out for sugar, keep the bread to a minimum, eat organic, etc. It is not new news. I wished the section about mindful eating and monitoring your emotions could have come first because I do believe that all of our eating habits and practices are developed due to a string of emotional events, good and bad, and the sooner we can understand these emotional events and their hold on us, the sooner we can have understanding about our own automated eating habits. But I digress, there was not much that was new to me except the section on juicing. Continue reading

Random Food Fact #1

Ergot on wheat spike

Ergot on wheat spike (Photo credit: CIMMYT)

On days like these when it is beautiful out and I don’t want to be tethered to a computer, I would like to offer up some random food facts as blog “filler” when I am too busy or lazy to write. So today falls into the latter category and I offer you this tidbit.

Did you know part of the French Revolution was most likely caused by moldy bread? The French consumed a particularly dangerous fungus called ergot which had infected their wheat and rye crops and it caused a great proportion of the poor population to go slightly nuts. Here’s what Wikipedia says:  “The neurotropic activities of the ergot alkaloids may also cause hallucinations and attendant irrational behaviour, convulsions, and even death. Other symptoms include strong uterine contractions, nausea, seizures, and unconsciousness.” Continue reading

Mindful Meals

_MG_5482 copyBuddist Monk at Inle Lake Nga Phe Kyaung jumping cat monastery, Burma

Let’s talk a little about mindful eating. This blog is an extension from my last blog because meditation and mindful eating really do go hand in hand. For those of you who haven’t read my About page, I am a graduate student at Cal State LA and I am studying nutritional science. I decided to go back to school after a break because as we know by now, I am obsessed with food, but also because after seeing loved ones fall victim to disease and sickness I knew I wanted to help. I know that we can heal ourselves with food. In fact, not only did Hippocrates say “Let food be thy medicine. Thy medicine shall be thy food.” He also said, “Leave your drugs in the chemist’s pot if you can heal with food.” Continue reading

Peas of Mind

Peas in pods.

A few friends asked me to write a bit more about meditation and how I practice. So this post is dedicated to meditation. In future posts I will make more connections between mindful eating and meditation, but just saying, it’s pretty easy to connect the dots when you think about it on your own. More about mindfulness later, and now onto meditation.

As I revealed yesterday, I began a meditation practice in January as response to a perfect storm of events in my life. I found myself increasingly anxious, unable to sleep well, and generally stressed out and unhappy. In response I did some internet digging and like most folks, I wound up on YouTube. I found a few YouTube videos on meditation and simply dove in. Here is the one I found to be the best for me.

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Tapeworms Are Parasites, People

English: Adult tapeworm of Dipylidium caninum....

English: Adult tapeworm of Dipylidium caninum. The scolex of the worm is very narrow and the proglottids, as they mature, get larger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been meditating pretty much every single day since January. I cannot begin to tell you how much it has changed my world and made me more grounded, connected, happy, content, lucky- the list goes on and on. Meditation helps you grow more neural connections between your right and left brain and between your upper and lower brain. That makes for a smarter, calmer, more sentient, better multi-tasking human. Meditation also helps to connect you to nature, your environment, and with others. It also makes you aware and conscious of your surroundings and your actions within those surroundings. Meditation helps you become more mindful in everything you do. Now I am sure you are wondering what meditation and mindfulness have to do with tapeworms? Well, here’s what I read right after coming out of one of the best, most spiritual meditation sessions I have had to date. Continue reading

I Hate Dr. Oz

So I am tooling around on Facebook and of course I see some diet ad sponsored by stupid Dr. Oz who I just cannot stand. Why? Why do I hate him so? Because he is an extremist, an alarmist. He’s scares the crap out of my mom on a daily basis with his cancer scares, his fibromyalgia horror stories, his O.C.D./germophobe nightmare pieces; it is simply maddening to watch her watch this schlock. I don’t like anyone who scares my mom. There are so many reasons to hate Dr. Oz. But most of all, I hate him for his diet and weight loss advice. From green coffee pills to his South Beach Diet secrets and now, here’s a new one I have never heard of: Garcinia cambogia. Dr. Oz, who claims not to receive a dime for endorsing these poorly studied products (yeah, right) says this little known supplement is the answer to our fat-busting dreams. But what the heck is Garcinia cambogia? Continue reading