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Recently, I watched the documentary Hungry for Change. It was good, but nothing I didn’t really already know: don’t eat stuff from the middle of the aisles, processed food is bad, watch out for sugar, keep the bread to a minimum, eat organic, etc. It is not new news. I wished the section about mindful eating and monitoring your emotions could have come first because I do believe that all of our eating habits and practices are developed due to a string of emotional events, good and bad, and the sooner we can understand these emotional events and their hold on us, the sooner we can have understanding about our own automated eating habits. But I digress, there was not much that was new to me except the section on juicing.

It was the way that juicing was promoted that got me convinced to buy a Magic Bullet. Basically, juicing is a fast, easy way to get a straight shot of around half the fruits and vegetables you need in a day. It is much harder to get that from a regular meal such as a sandwich or even noodle soup, which tends to swing more towards the starchy carbohydrate rather than the whole vegetable. I know for a fact that I eat super healthy and yet still feel vegetable/fruit deficient. The idea of juicing as a time-saving measure truly appealed to me.

I know juicing is good for you. There needs to be no convincing here. I don’t even know why there is a debate except to debate whether or not you should include pulp. (The answer is yes.) You should include pulp because you are still getting the fiber from the whole vegetables and fruit that would be lost through conventional juicing. Vegetables provide you with most of the vitamins and minerals you need for your body to function at optimum performance. Yes, you still need proteins and fats of course, but if you juice twice a day with fruits and vegetables from every color of the rainbow, you are pretty much guaranteeing that your body is receiving all the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep you healthy. You don’t have to count portions, you don’t have to measure a thing. You just make sure you have those colors and you are good.

Why are the colors of importance? Different colored vegetables contain more or less of particular vitamins and minerals and the combination of the these colors ensures you are getting enough of each vitamin and mineral. In addition, different colored fruits and vegetables also contain phytochemicals, which are non-nutritive compounds that are not a part of your six essential nutrients but chemical-containing compounds that perform various positive functions such as being anti-inflammatory, cancer-fighting, anti-oxidizing, etc.

So I bought a Magic Bullet because I want the juice as well as the pulp and because it comes with four to-go cups with lids that I can blend directly into so I can juice and go. No cleaning of an additional blending system necessary. It is the perfect time-saving, intant veggie-delivery system I have been looking for. And in the week I have been juicing I have consumed about four times more vegetables and fruits than I normally would have in half the time. Well, maybe not half the time, but it takes me about 10 minutes total to juice. That is nothing in the scheme of my day. Problem solved. Veggies delivered. Body happy.


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