Men Get Bloated, Too

Day 262

Day 262 (Photo credit: SuperFantastic)

It’s true. I don’t care if you men out there won’t admit to it, but I have seen you slily unbuckling your belt after a meal. I have seen your turkey coma in action post Thanksgiving meal. So, do not tell me that this post about bloating is a “chick” thing.

How do you get rid of bloating naturally? I ask myself this question at about the same time every month, and I am sure you have asked this question too, so here are some tips to relieve bloating no matter what your sex.

1. Don’t eat bread. Just don’t. You will bloat. I guarantee it.

2. Drink tons of water.

3. Get more potassium rich foods in your diet like bananas.

4. Take a probiotic.

5. Eat more foods like spinach, asparagus, melons.

6. Eat plenty of fiber so you are not constipated.

7. Eat slowly and enjoy your food. Don’t stuff yourself,silly.
8. Don’t drink carbonated drinks.

9. Don’t chew gum, you can swallow too much air.

10. Don’t eat sugar-free foods.

11. Cut the salt.

12. Maybe you don’t want to eat beans. Maybe…

13. Eat parsley, peppermint, ginger and other anti-bloating foods.

Now go out there and have a safe, bloat-free Labor Day Weekend, all!


6 thoughts on “Men Get Bloated, Too

  1. But bean are sooo good! I actually have been having this issue lately and once I added a good probiotic supplement it really made a difference.

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