The Case For Breakfast

The 7 Breakfasts Badulina

The 7 Breakfasts Badulina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Breakfast. To eat or not to eat? I don’t even know why there is a question, because the answer is simple. Eat! But eat smart. You need to “break your fast” by consuming high quality fruits and vegetables, items loaded with fiber, and low fat, lean protein. Eggs, fruits, vegetables, juices, and high fiber grains are all great choices. Even having healthy leftovers from the night before will do. Skip the sugary cereals, muffins, scones, waffles, and pancakes and stick to the healthy, low sugar fare. However, if you skip breakfast regularly and you need to be convinced, here’s ten reasons why you should be eating breakfast.


1. You will maintain a healthy weight. Plenty of studies have shown that skipping breakfast contributes to greater weight gain because eating later in the day ruins your body’s chances of burning off the calories you ingest late in the day. Plus you tend to eat more during the day as opposed to when you skip breakfast.

2. Focus. Eating breakfast gives you a better attention span and more focus.

3. Nutrients. Breakfast gives you a chance to load up on essential nutrients and vitamins that help your body’s functioning and keep you performing at optimum levels.

4. You can lose weight easier. If you are trying to lose weight, the last thing you should do is skip breakfast. People who skip breakfast regularly on average gain up to eight extra pounds a year.

5. Lower cholesterol. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast have less dietary cholesterol in their daily meals.

6. Fitness. People who eat breakfast tend to have more energy and a higher level of fitness than those who skip.

7. Healthy skin. People who eat eggs get protein, vitamins A and D and the anti-oxident lutein which is know to help maintain healthy skin. Don’t skip the eggs. They pack a nutritious punch. Plus the fruit and vegetables you consume in the morning do a lot for your skin as well.

8. Mood. Skipping breakfast tends to alter your mood for the worse. Being in a bad mood from not eating also makes you choose unhealthier items at lunch. Start the day right with something packed with nutrients that sustains you for longer and you will generally choose healthy at lunch and dinner too.

9. Productivity. Eating breakfast can keep you focused on what is important: your work and creativity. When you feed yourself, you are also feeding your brain. So choose sources of carbohydrates that are low on the glycemic index like fiber-rich fruits and vegetables and high fiber whole grains.

10. Diabetes, stroke and obesity prevention. People who eat healthy nutritious breakfasts reduce their chances for a whole host of metabolic disorders.


Treat your body right and it will return the favor. Eat breakfast. It really does do a body good.


2 thoughts on “The Case For Breakfast

  1. Is some of this an other-cause thing where, for example, ‘together’ people eat breakfast and choose a healthy diet?

    If I’m not underweight, wouldn’t I have the same impact burning calories and replacing than eating calories and then burning? I’m missing something, aren’t I?

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