PMS Relief

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What is PMS really and why does it make life practically unbearable? PMS is caused by cyclic changes in hormones progesterone and estrogen, as well as changes in brain chemicals such as serotonin, with symptoms ranging from breast tenderness, acne, bloating, depression and irritability which can be exacerbated by stress and poor diet. What can be done naturally? The answers are actually pretty simple and highly effective. So if you suffer like I do, relief is close at hand. Here is a list of all the supplements you should take for PMS.

Calcium: 1200mg or more per day may reduce the psychological and physical symptoms of PMS.

Magnesium: 400mg helps to reduce fluid retention, bloating and  breast tenderness.

Vitamin B-6: 50-100mg helps to reduce symptoms and can elevate your mood.

Vitamin E: 400 IU can help symptoms by reducing  the production of prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that cause cramps and breast tenderness.

Herbs: black cohosh, ginger, raspberry leaf, dandelion, chasteberry, St. John’s wort, and evening primrose oil are all used for PMS symptoms. However, there are very few scientific studies that have conclusively determined that these herbs are effective for relief of PMS symptoms. I personally take St. John’s wort and evening primrose oil and have found my symptoms to lesson when taking these herbs.

How can you use your diet to ease PMS symptoms? Reduce the intake of salty foods which can lead to bloating, drink plenty of water, and cut down on caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, which can alter and affect the mood.

Also make sure to take time in your day for daily meditation for stress relief, and be sure to get plenty of sleep. PMS doesn’t’ have to debilitate you. There are plenty of natural options and remedies to help with the hormonal onslaught. Cheers and happiness to you.

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