Random Food Fact #4

English: Map showing prevalence of obesity in ...

English: Map showing prevalence of obesity in the United States. Rates are according to the CDC. http://apps.nccd.cdc.gov/brfss/list.asp?cat=OB&yr=2007&qkey=4409&state=All (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New data has shown that the rise in fossil fuel use over the past few decades has directly paralleled the obesity epidemic. Data from the book The Energy Glut by Professor Ian Roberts and Dr. Phil Edwards, states that average body mass index or BMI has increased linearly with increased fossil fuel use. They claim that the obesity epidemic is not only a health issue, but an environmental one as well.

In the documentary Killer at Large, author Michael Pollan of The Omnivores Dilemma explains that it is not only the fossil fuel consumption used to transport our food that is causing the problem, it is the consumption increase of the average American as well. According to Dr. Sheldon Jacobson of the University of Illinois, “for every pound the average American is overweight, we use an additional 938 million gallons of gasoline per year. That’s enough to fill 2 million cars with gasoline every year.”

That is a lot of cars and a lot of gasoline. Food for thought.

For more reading on the subject, go here:




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