ABC News Follow Up

Here is the ABC News follow up to the story about the sweet kid from the hospital where I work. He didn’t end up in my class but in the YMCA class. It’s a great class too. So happy for him!

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This is a great speech given by founder Michael Greger, MD. His site is a nonprofit, science-based community with easy-to-digest short video segments. I invite you to watch and subscribe to his videos. They are wonderful. Thanks to my friend, Todd, who passed this along to me. Enjoy and have a happy Sunday.
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10 Reasons To Make Fiber Your Best Friend


What is fiber and why is it so important? It is surprising that not many people truly understand the importance of fiber in the diet. In fact, Americans consume only an average of 15g of fiber a day, well below the recommended intake of around 25g/day for women and 28g/day for men. What are some food sources of fiber and why is fiber so important? Read on to find out. Continue reading



I am lucky enough to have a job at a great hospital called White Memorial Medical Center where I teach obesity prevention and healthy lifestyle choices to kids ages 5-12 and their parents. It is a wonderful, interactive program filled with fun activities and great lessons. It makes me feel like I am doing something good and of value to the community.

Recently, the local news ABC7, did a story about a sweet young boy who was diagnosed with hypertension and obesity. He was a patient at White Memorial. Below is the news story.  These are the kinds of kids I teach. I love the work I do. ABC7 is going to be featuring my class sometime in the near future so I will keep you posted!

You Are What You Eat (McDonald’s vs Chipotle)

English: This is the picture of the original R...

English: This is the picture of the original Ronald McDonald. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have no idea why anyone ever wants to eat at McDonald’s unless it is the last place on Earth, or you are desperate for a latte and stuck in rural North Carolina. (McDonald’s was the ONLY place and I just HAD TO.) But perhaps this comparison will make you turn away from the golden arches and, if you are in a bind and need something quick, straight into the loving arms of Chipotle. Continue reading

Fad Ketogenic Diet: Just Ain’t Smart

English: Synthesis of ketone bodies from acety...

English: Synthesis of ketone bodies from acetyl-CoA Deutsch: Synthese von sog. Ketonkörpern aus Acetyl-CoA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A ketogenic diet is a high-fat, regular protein, extremely low-carbohydrate diet. This kind of diet essentially forces your body into burning fats as opposed to carbohydrates by making your liver produce ketone bodies which transport themselves into your brain and are used as an alternate fuel source when there is no glucose. This diet is used to help people prevent epileptic seizures. It should be its only use, yet for some reason, it is a fad diet employed by “nutritionists” and “doctors” who claim that if your diet has plateaued, then going on a ketogenic diet can be a safe and effective way to kick-start your weight-loss or take it to another level. There are many reasons why this literally makes no sense. Because starving your brain is not smart. Plus the damage it can do to your body makes this diet even dumber. Continue reading