About Supatra Hanna


Supatra Hanna, MS, RD, has a Bachelors of Arts in Biology from the University of Colorado Boulder and a Masters of Nutritional Science from California State University Los Angeles. She completed her dietetic internship with Sodexo Distance Dietetic Internship Program. Her road to becoming a dietitian has been paved with rewarding, challenging, and exciting experiences.

Supatra has many years of experience teaching nutrition bilingually to challenged communities in the Los Angeles area. She taught HELP, the Healthy Eating Lifestyles program at White Memorial Medical Center, where she counseled many families struggling with overweight and obesity find their way toward a healthier lifestyle. Her internship with Sodexo also gave her invaluable experience working with the Pacific Clinics Headstart and Early Headstart program, and much practice counseling older adults in their Older Adult Program. Supatra’s clinical rotation with Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center was where she honed her medical nutrition therapy working with people with all types of medical issues. She is also a public speaker and has had numerous speaking engagements with the community.

Supatra Hanna’s road to become a Registered Dietitian, while obtaining her Masters of Science in Nutrition, is a part of a path which will culminate in a PsyD in Psychology so she can counsel young people with disordered eating. She is currently pursuing her doctoral studies in Clinical Health Psychology at Alliant International University California School of Professional Psychology. Welcome to her blog!

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