Ostracism Hurts All

We often think that the people who are ostracized in social relationships hurt the most. The pain felt by being excluded by those you thought were your friends or loved ones can be agonizing, and can lead  to anger, jealousy, and possible depression. 

Ostracism actually physically hurts the victim because emotional pain is triggered via the same neural pathways as physical pain. The pain felt by ostracism is so similar to actual pain that a study has shown that taking Tylenol can actually help relieve the symptoms of the emotional pain of ostracism. 

What is less considered is that the people doing the ostracizing also suffer, albeit of their own volition. The very act of ostracizing someone can hurt almost as much as being ostracized. This is a very interesting article that highlights why ostracism hurts all. It also shows why practicing loving kindness as much as possible is not only the right thing to do, but is the best thing for your physical and emotional health: 

Those Who Exclude Also Hurt