Mindfulness in Teens

I love how schools and researchers are trying to incorporate mindfulness into helping children and teens. I really wish I had had access to programs like this as a teenager. Check this out:

How Self-Compassion Can Help Teens De-stress


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Mindfulness-based Interventions for Post-Bariatric Surgery Eating Disorders by Supatra Hanna

I presented this oral presentation at the 96th Annual Southwestern Social Science Association Meeting in Las Vegas, NV in March of 2016. Bariatric surgery is very hard on the body, both physiologically and emotionally. However, there are some effective treatments for disordered eating post-surgery. If you or someone you love is thinking about this surgery, prepare your mind and heart before surgery to enhance the best outcomes.

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Post-bariatric Surgery Eating Disorders WPA Conference Poster by Supatra Hanna

I presented this poster at the 2016  Western Psychological Conference in Long Beach, CA. It highlights some aspects of my dissertation on Post-bariatric Surgery Eating Disorders. Bariatric surgery is a very dangerous and life-altering procedure that tends to have dangerous medical and health complications if the person seeking the surgery does not follow a strict diet and attend to his or her mental health. More awareness of these complications before and after surgery is needed so that we can better help as clinicians.


Supatra Hanna’s Pre-election Recommendation

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-7-25-23-pmElection got you down? Feeling anxious, depressed, and worried? This is the best time to decompress and focus on self-care. So turn off the TV, shut down the social media (after reading this blog!), and find your center. As anyone who knows me will attest, I am an ardent proponent and advocate of meditation and mindfulness. And I cannot recommend it highly enough. I began my practice over four years ago and know it has profoundly changed my life.

Mindfulness can be defined as an essential quality of consciousness characterized by an attunement to the present in a non-judgmental manner, with an emphasis on having an open mind and heart. With the nasty vitriolic bile spewed forth during this election season, this negativity is taking its toll on our health. I recommend even a small amount of mindfulness meditation a day to reconnect to your center, find your empathy and compassion, and recharge with loving kindness.

The health benefits of meditation are amazing. Research has shown that mindfulness affects certain areas of the brain involved in these particular areas:(a) attuned attention regulation, (b) the cultivation of pro-social behaviors, (c) enhanced emotion regulation (d) the application of extinction and reconsolidation of maladaptive thoughts (e) enhanced meta-awareness via a change in perspective of the self via non-attachment and de-centering and (f) increased intention and motivation to achieve mindfulness.

Take ten minutes out from your day. That is all it takes to start reaping the benefits of a daily meditation practice. I will guarantee your body and mind will thank you for it. There are plenty of great, free programs out there. Check out these great programs:

UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center


Brain Wave Mind Tuner


6 Reasons Your “Diet” Isn’t Working


Have you been struggling to lose weight? Have you “plateaued” or do you find it impossible to lose any weight at all? There are many reasons why your “diet” isn’t working, and mainly it can be because you are dieting, restricting, and putting your body into starvation mode. These 6 tips will help get you rev your metabolism back into shape, and hopefully, put “dieting” into perspective.

  1. Skipping Meals? Do you wait as long as possible to eat? Skipping breakfast entirely? Starting the day with only a cup of water and some lemon, or do you just go old school and stick with a cup of Joe? Skipping meals can completely derail your weight loss efforts. The longer you wait to eat, the more you put your body into a starvation mode, and the only thing you are doing is slowing your metabolism down. Studies have also shown that skipping breakfast actually helps you to gain weight. Often this is because you tend to eat more and more later in the day and can really pack on the calories at night, when you probably should be eating the lightest. Start your day with a bang and try some steel cut oats, fruit, and perhaps one or two hard-boiled eggs. Your metabolism will thank you.

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10 Tips for a Healthy 4th of July



  1. Grill with Care: Remember that you can’t tell just by looking when meat is done. Invest in a quality food thermometer and make sure you follow the temperature guides provided by foodsafety.gov.
  1. Stay Hydrated: With Southern California temperatures soaring and the current water shortage on our minds, it is easy to neglect our own hydration needs. Drink plenty of water, keep water-packed vegetables and fruits on hand for snacking, and try to minimize sun exposure and excessive sweating. Fruits high in water content are watermelon and grapefruit, and vegetables high in water include lettuce and zucchini.

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ABC News Follow Up

Here is the ABC News follow up to the story about the sweet kid from the hospital where I work. He didn’t end up in my class but in the YMCA class. It’s a great class too. So happy for him!


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What is fiber and why is it so important? It is surprising that not many people truly understand the importance of fiber in the diet. In fact, Americans consume only an average of 15g of fiber a day, well below the recommended intake of around 25g/day for women and 28g/day for men. What are some food sources of fiber and why is fiber so important? Read on to find out. Continue reading